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Shenzhou: The Celestial Court

The Golden Dawn Rises Upon Pandaria

In the dawn, armed with a burning patience, we shall enter the splendid Cities.

Known as ‘The Celestial Court’ in Common, Shenzhou is an order of loyalist Pandaren seeking to reclaim and rebuild the ancient glories of their ancestral homeland.

Emerging from the horrific devastation following the Alliance-Horde War, the treasures of Pandaria remain ruined, the restoration efforts insurmountable. Bound by blood and pledging loyalties to the protection and sanctification of Pandaria, Shenzhou strives towards securing a glorious legacy under the Heavens.

Our order consists of oathsworn members from all walks of Pandaren life, ranging from the militant to the spiritual, and encompassing a diverse range of interests and motivations.

Under the leadership of Huangdi Dai Xiu, the lofty ambitions of Shenzhou include the reunification of Pandaria and its people under a single banner, as well as the preservation and celebration of Pandaria’s fragmented history and culture.